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22 year old refusing to grow up. I got 2 degrees in 4 years and still found time to devote myself to the BBC. C-print captionist. Zumba instructor. International badass. I post whatever I feel like and don't bother complaining about it because I clearly don't give a fuck. Expect lots of fandom posts mixed in with ragey statements and pictures of my cat.

It’s a cats life. #cats

Imagine Me & You, 2005.

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Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life

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No, fuck you. I was worth it.
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do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”

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Both cats are on the bed right now! This is huge!


that girl you just called fat? who cares about her backstory, you just shouldn’t be a dick to people
like do we really need a tragic story to get people to stop being mean to each other wtf

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Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo,…

Today I turned and plow stopped decently well but I did manage to fall on my ass and bruise the hell out my my tailbone. I really need to stop being afraid of crossovers. Good news in the my skates are a lot more comfortable with my plantar fasciitis inserts. I also mainly only fell when I hit rocks, the parking lot at my apartment complex is pretty pebbly. I am trying to get the balls up to go skate on the tennis court. The problem is that you are not supposed to skate in them and working for parks & rev makes me feel like I probably shouldn’t break the park rules. At least even if it is super pebbly it’s a way smoother ride in my 78s. Those 91s are great on the smooth cement where my league practices but damn near impossible on any other surface.

My ass hurts.

I have had these since 8th grade, both toe taps are glued on because the screws striped out, the soles are broken, and there are places where the metal is getting thin but every time I put them on nothing feels more right. #tapdancer

By far my favorite method of torture and humiliation #howcanibesobadatthis #practicemakeslesscrappy #derbylove #quads

Game time with friends #happy @beara529

My cat is a fat orange baby who lets me sleep on his tummy as well. I miss my kitty. I just yeah.. your cat is cute
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I love my kitties more than is probably normal haha. The internet is for cat pictures.